spectre.array: kinetic light a/v installation

spectre.array: kinetic light a/v installation
In: Installation, Art, Experiments

Immersive audio-visual installation that merges light, motion, and sound into an experiential canvas. Arrayed in seven vertical sequences, the LED strips ascend and descend on motorized lifts, choreographed by a precise, custom-programmed sequence. Directed lasers meet these glowing lines with pinpoint accuracy, creating striking planes of luminescence that evoke the essence of a floating, holographic form. This orchestrated interplay of motion, lasers, light, and sound transforms the installation into a living sculpture, engaging spectators in a dialogue with the art piece, prompting them to explore the boundaries of light and space.
sound design: kalaqs

___Exness' 15th anniversary @ Kolla factory (Limassol, Cyprus)__

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