Flora Spiens - Multimedia performance

Flora Spiens - Multimedia performance
In: Installation, Theatre, Art

Plants Embassy is at home in Boyarskye palaty for pleasing encounters with people and for establishing new lines of communication. A human being experiences issues in arranging with his/her neighbour about amicable mutual interaction; a human being is afraid of everything that is new,  incomprehensible, unknown. The performance Flora Sapiens is a possibility of recognition, contact, change. Pondering over the importance of trees-mosses-flowers for a human being, and how difficult it is for them to live with us in a busy megapolis, within streams of cars, in a sack of paving asphalt. There is a pause for thought about a new distribution of roles/new responsibilities.

A theatrical research, which excludes actors-performers, becomes a tool for discovering a nonexisting "protocol" of communication, where  anthropical and non-anthropical could speak in the character of equitable dialoguers.

So to get a personal experience of communicating with plants, the audience would be offerred an audio-visual trip among installations in microgroups.

A bioart performance.
An experience of communication
Premiered in May 2022.
Co-production with Liquid Theatre
Director, sound producer - Andrey Smirnov
Producer - Olga Korshakova
Media Scenography & Digital Art Installations - Eugene Afonin

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