Past In The Future - VR installation

Past In The Future - VR installation
In: Installation, Experiments, Art
VR installation for HTC Vive. An atmospheric VR movie, with the feature that the observer can not only change the direction of his stare, but also his location (within some boundaries).

Most of the scenes are created using DIY stereo camera kit, which consisted of Intel Nuc PC with Touchdesigner, Kinect, a large battery and a lot of tape, to keep it all together.

The recording was done with a QuickTime Animation codec, point cloud and a color stream separately. A lot of data.

Scenes consisting of GLSL shaders and recorded point cloud videos are played in real time to enable the viewer in a VR helmet to move inside the movie.

We are in a foggy future. Our pavilion is a historical museum. This is full immersion multimedia museum and our guide is artificial intelligence.
The museum's collection represents the distant past, the beginning of the 21st century. Not all the details of the epoch reached the researcher in their original form, the curators did not determine the purpose of some places and objects quite correctly, something was destroyed by the censorship of their time, and holographic projections, miraculously restored by archaeologists, turned out to be damaged or taken out of context. And yet, thanks to the museum archive, users can feel the breath of a bygone time, just as people who lived a hundred years before them could feel the vague outlines of the era of dinosaurs and trilobites.
Evgeniy Afonin, Yan Kalnberzin, Alek Petuk, Olga Korshakova, Sonya Korshakova


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