TouchDesigner Course Lab 2023: Student Projects

TouchDesigner Course Lab 2023: Student Projects
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Step into our quirky virtual museum, crafted by the students of TouchDesigner Course by Curiosity Media Lab, which took place from January to April 2023.

What have they dug up from the creative depths of their imaginations? It's... interesting. Expect the unexpected and explore artifacts from a time that may or may not resemble our own.

Drop by, have a look, and make of it what you will!
For Windows, download the full distro with embedded TouchDesigner
Mac Users or those who wish to view the source of the TouchDesigner patch, can download the patch from the Git repository at:
(or just zip archive with repo)
TouchDesigner build - 32660
TouchDesigner Course Lab 2023: Student Projects
Step into our quirky virtual museum, crafted by the students of TouchDesigner Course by Curiosity Media Lab, which took place from January to April 2023.

If you don't already have a TouchDesigner license, you'll need the non-commercial one. To get started, sign up for a free account on the Derivative website. Once you have an account, you can use the username and password you created during the first launch.

Welcome to archaeology museum in the indefinite future.
Here we collect and speculate on artifacts leftover from the extinct civilization of creative humanoid creatures.
All the artifacts were collected by people in far 2023 that are referred to as "students of Curiosity Media Lab TouchDesigner course". Whatever it can mean...


Jovana Ivanac Milijanovic

Memories of a traveling dot

A USB drive was discovered buried deep within the soil at the site where the Plitvice lakes once shimmered. It lay in a chest, accompanied by two teddy bears, a photo album, and a diary.

From the meticulous analysis of the diary's notes, researchers discerned references to a war from the late twentieth century. This conflict had devastatingly fractured an entire nation. Additionally, forgotten landmines from that era were unearthed nearby, adding a chilling context to the findings.

Tragically, the once majestic Plitvice lakes have vanished. The primary cause of their disappearance can be attributed to the pollution of the delicate travertine rock, which constituted the foundation of these lakes. Polluted by human feces originating from proximate hotels and restaurants, the travertine could no longer sustain the lakes' existence.

Giulia Nespoli

Magic Mic

Discovered in the ruins of a forgotten world, the mysterious object MAGIC MIC offers a glimpse into the habits of a long-lost civilization called Human.

Believed to be a sophisticated vibration controller and microphone, this recreational instrument was the key to generate and manipulate vibrant sequences of images.

Delicate and intricate, the visuals produced by the Magic Mic mainly took the form of enchanting female flowers, whose shapes and movements seemed to provoke in humans strong sensations named Pleasure, Delight and Euphoria.

Explore for yourself the captivating allure of Magic Mic and experience the echoes of humans reverberating through ethereal visuals towards the universal quest for joy and beauty.

Janset Shawash

Invisible Cities

In a posthuman universe, an alien traveler discovers a cubic, maze-like city, Algoria. Crafted as a work of interactive visual poetry, this immersive first-person experience allows viewers to journey through the city. By controlling their gaze and direction with intuitive mouse movements, they explore the intricate labyrinthine structures of Algoria.

As they navigate, a haunting voice envelops them. This voice, reminiscent of Italo Calvino's narrative style, shares its emotional bond to Algoria, especially emphasizing a particularly evocative staircase. The traveler is beckoned to ascend, and as they do, the voice's tale shifts to become a poignant reflection on the fragility of memory.

Each retelling brings with it decay. The voice soon reveals itself as a collective consciousness of those who once sought the divine atop this very staircase. Yet, in this world, the gods have vanished. Memories, like the once-revered deities, stand on the precipice of oblivion.

This interactive narrative not only delves deep into themes of the impermanence of memories, civilizations, and divinity but also offers viewers an intimate, controlled exploration of a world teetering on the brink of forgetting.

Daniil Khokhonov

Tresh God

Without an Nvidia GPU or on MacOS, it won't work :-(

This particular object was a part of an enormous religious movement that covered at some point the whole planet.

"And lo, a symbol of great significance emerged from the hands of believers, encompassing the essence of a worldwide spiritual movement. As it traveled across continents, this sacred emblem became a beacon of hope and unity, inspiring millions to embrace a path of faith and devotion."

Acts 2:42

Supitchkran Sriprasert

No bottle

One day far away into the future, one droid lives in what now an abandoned city. The city has the dystopian vibe. The droid wanders around until it arrives at what seems to be a city square.

There it sees many billboards and buildings. On them, there is a short video clip being looped with the sound. It wonders what that might be, and the video says something about "who you are, who I am."

As it holds no values as the human once did, it has no clue what it is seeing. It misunderstands it as maybe a presidential campaign’s ad from back in the day.

Most parts of the city square still remain as it used to be back when the city was occupied by humans, but with some LED poles being installed around, they seem to be interacting with the sound of the video clip.

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